Microgrids, the best platform for economic and environmental productivity of renewable resources: An introduction to its concept, components, challenges, and opportunities

Document Type : Review Article


Master of Electrical Power Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran


In recent years, for reasons such as the limitation and pollution of fossil fuels, as well as the growing electricity demand, the international community has paid more attention to the use of renewable energy. On the other hand, the use of renewable energy in the electricity generation requires the provision of appropriate infrastructure and platform in power system. This has led to the emergence of a concept called microgrids. A microgrid is a local group of electrical resources and loads normally operating in conjunction with a traditional integrated power grid and can effectively integrate distributed generations, especially renewable energy resources. Due to the structural differences between microgrids and traditional power systems, microgrids face several challenges. This paper presents the concept of microgrids, equipment used, challenges and research gaps. The research shows that, by removing the technical barriers and addressing the challenges ahead, microgrids can be considered as a suitable platform for maximum utilization of renewable energy resources. It is expected that power systems in the future will be of microgrid type.


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